Sustainable Solutions

Our EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions technology platform is designed to deliver products that offer sustainable content with reliable performance at industrial scale.


This technology platform focuses on the development of breakthrough sustainable products and process technologies that deliver the performance, quality, and consistency that the industry requires at scale, leveraging circular value chains, and/or renewable and bio-based materials, and/or processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions technology platform represents a significant portion of Cabot’s R&D spend, with the goal that 100% of our product and process development projects will have a sustainability benefit by 2025.

Products powered by EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions leverage materials recovered from end-of-life tires and/or polymer recycling, and/or renewable materials, and/or processes that offer reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Aatif Misbah, vice president and general manager, Sustainable Solutions, discusses EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions with recovered carbon black industry expert, Martin von Wolfersdorff.