Fumed Alumina

Our high-purity fumed alumina particles deliver superior performance benefits.

SpectrAl® fumed alumina products offer unique benefits because of their crystallinity and high purity. They feature particle morphology, hardness, thermal conductivity and optical properties that enable you to meet challenging performance requirements. In powder form, fumed alumina is fine, white and extremely fluffy. Fumed alumina is also available in a stable aqueous dispersion form in our CAB-O-SPERSE® product family. 

Due to their unique particle characteristics, our high-purity fumed alumina products provide superior performance benefits for many types of applications, including:

Performance benefits

Our line of SpectrAl fumed alumina products are primarily used to:

  • Improve flow properties of powdered products
  • Provide rheology control for liquids
  • Reduce caking of powders in storage
  • Prevent waxy products from congealing
  • Serve as a dry carrier for liquids and as emulsification agents
  • Act as grinding agents and polishing abrasives
  • Serve as a reinforcing additives in elastomers, adhesives, coatings and other applications