Conductive Carbon Blacks

Our VULCAN® XC family of conductive carbon blacks are designed for rubber applications that demand conductivity with good physical properties and compound processability.

Electrostatic charge buildup can happen in any system in which two non-conductive materials move across and come into contact with each other. The discharge of this electrostatic buildup can lead to various hazards.

To minimize these risks, many industrial rubber products have a specification on electrical conductivity to address the need for dissipation of electrical charges. Examples of rubber products with electrical conductivity or anti-static requirements are hospital flooring and sheeting; conveyor and power transmission belts; printing rolls; hoses for mining and petroleum applications; and cable screening.

Combining Cabot’s long history of delivering best-in-class conductive products along with our production capacity and technical capability, we are now able to offer our VULCAN XC family of conductive carbon blacks in all areas of the globe to meet growing demand for conductive solutions in rubber applications.

Our flagship product – VULCAN® XC72 conductive carbon black – has long been an industry standard. We will continue to partner with our customers to innovate and invest in the development of a broad portfolio of conductive solutions to balance their anti-static and conductivity requirements against rubber compound processing, dispersion and physical property demands in the final product. 

We also offer conductive solutions for plastic and battery applications and for coating applications, as well as our innovative line of carbon nanostructures for a variety of applications including rubber applications such as FKM fuel hoses.


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