Skin & Beauty Care

Our skin and beauty product formulations offer high performing personal care solutions.

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Fumed metal oxides

Our CAB-O-SIL® fumed silica and SpectrAl® fumed alumina products have unique properties that are well-suited for use in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including antiperspirants, hair and body care products, cosmetics, fragrances and dental products. CAB-O-SIL fumed silica is a versatile, efficient additive to achieve various important functions. Its large surface area and high purity can provide unique benefits to cosmetic and personal care formulations, including in:

  • Liquids. Fumed silica enables rheology control.
  • Powders. Desired by cosmetic manufacturers because of its optical properties and very high purity, our SpectrAl PC-401 fumed alumina is ideal for use in cosmetics and personal care products where a soft focus effect and matting is needed. Our SpectrAl products can also provide anti-caking functionality.

Some common skin and beauty products that utilize fumed silica or fumed alumina products include: toothpaste; antiperspirants; dental powders; sunscreen products; nail polish; fragrances; lipstick; powders; makeup and creams; and hair care.


Additionally, aerogel easily incorporates into various skin and beauty product formulations for superior, high-performance personal care options. Several major cosmetics and personal care companies utilize aerogel within the composition of their various skin and beauty care applications. Aerogel can enable a distinctive range of benefits, such as:

  • Superior oil and sebum absorption
  • Low-gloss, matting optical effects
  • Highly efficient viscosity enhancement of oil phase
  • Fragrance retention and controlled release
  • Anti-caking and free-flow

We are proud that Dow sells our aerogel into the personal care applications under the trade name VM2270.