Compound Flow

The economics of the injection molding process are dependent on the number of cavities and injection cycles.

More cavities filled per shot and an increased number of cycles per hour are highly desired. In many cases, the ability for a rubber compound to flow during the injection molding process is a limiting factor. SPHERON® 4000 carbon black can improve compound flow and reduce viscosity while maintaining sufficient rubber physical properties.

The fast and steady flow of a rubber compound during the extrusion and molding process is vital for producing consistent rubber product parts. SPHERON 4000 carbon black can be used for easier processing in a wide range of high viscosity and hardness compounds including:

  • Injection molded articles
  • Pipe linings for the oil and gas industry
  • Inner layer of hydraulic hoses
  • Extruded profiles

Innovative Solutions

Compound Flow

SPHERON 4000® Carbon Black Delivers Improved Compound Flow For Easier Molding

SPHERON 4000 carbon black enables our customers to maintain a fast and steady compound flow, making it an ideal solution for consistently producing quality rubber products. A comparison of SPHERON 4000 vs. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) N772 type carbon black during an NBR-based test formulation at equal hardness delivered results showing that SPHERON 4000 not only provided a 20% increase in overall mold filling rate, but it also demonstrated significantly more molding cycles before occurrence of mold fouling.