Noise and vibration isolation, shock absorption and durability are important requirements for rubber engine mounts and suspension systems used in automotive, defense, rail and industrial applications.

SPHERON® 6000 carbon black can provide improved spring ratio (Kd/Ks) and lower hysteresis in passenger car and light truck anti-vibration applications when compared to traditional American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) N500, N600 and N700 series carbon blacks. SPHERON 6000 carbon black can also be of interest for very low hysteresis applications beyond anti-vibration parts. Examples of such applications are belt inner layers or solid tire inner compounds.

Additionally, VULCAN® 1380 and VULCAN 1436 reinforcing carbon blacks are suitable for applications that require ASTM N300 or N200 carbon black series level of rubber reinforcement and fatigue life, but with a lower hysteresis level. Examples of such applications are anti-vibration and suspension parts in trucks, buses and heavy duty off-road vehicles.