Our Approach

Through our commitment to operate responsibly, conserve resources and develop innovative performance materials, we will be relentless in our pursuit of solutions to the sustainability challenges of our customers, our communities and our world.

 building a better future togetherAs one of the largest performance materials and specialty chemicals companies in the world, we understand the role that we play in leading and setting an example in our industry. We know we must live up to our responsibilities, honor our commitments and be accountable to our stakeholders. Advancing progress in sustainability is one essential way we will continue to demonstrate and maintain our leadership. 

We have learned over the years that our commitment to sustainability is not just about acting responsibly, but it is also about identifying and acting on opportunities. Increasingly, the challenges our customers are facing are sustainability challenges. Our ability to develop innovative technologies to meet these challenges, conserve resources across our value chain and grow our position in the circular economy is enabling us to maintain our reputation and prepare our business for the future.