Water is vital to human life and healthy ecosystems around the globe. It is also a natural resource we depend on in our manufacturing processes, and we must pay close attention to ensuring responsible water consumption and management.

We seek to conserve water across our operations and to discharge wastewater that is properly treated to avoid degradation to the surrounding environment. We also look to develop applications for our products that help conserve and protect water resources, including the use of our masterbatch material in durable water piping.

We achieved 43% of our 2025 goal to reduce water withdrawal intensity by 20% compared to a 2019 baseline. Our absolute water withdrawals were reduced 6% compared to our 2019 baseline. 

In 2022, all eight of our North American facilities completed watershed risk, water balance and efficiency assessments following the American Chemistry Council’s Water Risk Assessment pilot program. Our Haverhill, MA, USA inkjet manufacturing facility defined water intensity, gathered baseline data, and set a goal of 20% water use reduction. Within the first year of the project, the site met its reduction goal of 20% and has continued to achieve reductions in water usage.

We continue to conduct water risk assessments focusing on the facilities located in water-stressed areas. We also prioritize facilities based on their water withdrawal volume and/or intensity to support the achievement of our water goal. Thirteen of our facilities are located in areas with high or extremely high baseline water stress, and an additional three have been prioritized based on absolute water withdrawal or water withdrawal intensity. In 2022, we completed water efficiency assessments at six of our priority sites and water balance assessments at an additional three sites.